‘SALSA ELEGANTE' - IS NO LONGER LOCATED AT  The Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel - Primo Bar

Dear all,

Thank you very much for 14 months of wonderful support that you have given to our 'Salsa Elegante' night, it been a great success thanks to you!

We are moving to a new location and are no longer at the Park Plaza Hotel.

Our New Location:

We will soon be supplying information detailing where 'Salsa Elegante' and 'Salsabuzz' will be located next and what events will be happening next.

Look out regularly for the new venue location(s) and event(s),  on our 'weekly salsa'  and 'special events'  links.

You can also get details by visiting us on www.salsabuzz.com and/or by joining us on www.facebook.com/salsabuzz and/or search facebook for 'Nathan Salsabuzz' and/or search using desk@salsabuzz.com

Kindest regards,


M: +44 (0)7958 388 832   E: info@salsabuzz.com 

Location, Times and Price

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